Can Pizza Boxes Be Recycled? Are Pizza Boxes Recyclable?

If you're anything like me, you likely have at least one empty box of pizza sitting on top your trash can. Domino's now has a campaign to inform everyone that empty pizza boxes should not be placed on top of the trash can, despite what some might think.

Pizza giant Domino's recently launched a new website to remind customers that they can recycle pizza boxes. There are many ambiguities and confusions regarding the recycling of pizza box boxes. "Technically, pizza boxes are recyclable," it states. They are made from the same material that a corrugated [cardboard] pizza box, which has a recycling rate of 92 [percent]. However, paper mills and other members of the recycling industry expressed concerns in the past about their acceptance due to food contamination.

Domino's claims that the main reason that so many boxes aren't recycled is because nearly three-quarters of American community recycling programs (73%) don't know if pizza boxes can be recycled with cardboard. These "mixed messages” mean that many boxes are thrown away.

Domino's executive vice president for communications Tim McIntyre said that almost everything left a Domino’s store is in a corrugated container. "We know we have an opportunity when it comes to packaging, and recycling," McIntyre added. "Our goal for customers is to put aside any myths about the recyclability and recycling of pizza boxes. They will read the facts, then place the empty box in their recycle bin.

Before you decide on which bin to put your Domino's boxes in, make sure to check with your local recycling centre to verify that they accept them. (My recycling center specifically said "No pizza box." Domino's has made arrangements for that possibility. It suggests that you call these facilities and tell them that the boxes "technically recyclable" and then ask them if they would consider adding pizza boxes on their list of acceptable collections.

You can recycle those empty boxes, which will make the next slice of pepperoni pie more delicious. If you want to stop worrying about recycling Pizza boxes, you can order Pizza Peels and make Pizzas at your home with you family.