How to use a Pizza Peel

A pizza peel's primary purpose is to transport the pizza. Different types of pizza peels are needed for different stages in the pizza baking process.

Transfer the Pizza in to the Oven

This is why I love to use a wooden peel. The pizza sticks better to wooden peels than it does to paper ones, so a wooden peel is the best choice. You can either assemble the pizza on the countertop or on a peel.

To reduce the time spent on the paddle, I prefer to shape and top the pizza on the countertop. It will reduce the likelihood of it getting stuck. You can always adjust the shape of your pizza before it goes in the oven if you are concerned about its appearance when it is dragged over to the peel.

Dust the pizza on the peel with semolina before you transfer it to the oven. The Semolina flour helps the dough slide off more easily and adds a bit of texture. To ensure that the pizza doesn't stick to the pan, I suggest shaking it on the paddle.

To loosen the dough from the surface you are working on, use a scraper or spatula.

You can use a metal pizza pan for this. I suggest following the same steps as the wooden one, but dusting the dough more before moving it to the oven. To ensure that the dough doesn't stick, you may need to add more semolina.

Turning the Pizza in The Oven

Ovens don't always distribute heat evenly, regardless of whether they're wood-fired or in the kitchen. A thin metal peel is best if you have to move the pizza around in your oven for even baking. While there are special peels for this purpose, a regular metal peel will work just fine for home chefs.

You should always place pizzas in wood-fired ovens. Otherwise, the oven's hot deck could cause the pizza to burn. The hot pizza's surface can bake the crust faster than the top. The peel can be used to lift the pizza closer towards the oven's dome, where the heat is higher, to finish the job.

Remove the Pizza From the Oven

A thin metal peel is ideal for removing pizza from the oven. A wooden or metal peel can be used, but they are more difficult to slide under the pizza. You don't have to worry about the pizza sticking after baking.