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Ready-made pizza is fine. But making pizza from scratch is far more fulfilling. Home-made also means you are making PIZZA YOU WAY, putting ingredients you actually know and want. It's where family and loved ones come together, and everybody helps out. Moments your family will remember and share with their friends at school — or the water cooler conversations at work.

Pizza parlors are fine, but it's not as good when you're the one slinging & serving pizzas. You're there. If you learn how to bake it and add your own flair, you can create your own signature dish. For you... and la Famiglia.

I’m glad you're here! I'm Lydia, a registered nurse turned entrepreneur. In October 2020, I launched greenerHome.

The greenerHome promise: To inspire busy moms who love home cooking and baking to create a home that leads to strong, resilient, and happy families.

How it Started

As a nurse for more than seventeen years, I witnessed patients become bedridden, and families see their dreams shatter to pieces. I tried to make sense of it all. It was painful to watch. Could it have been prevented? Could it have been better or different?

Over the years, I noticed patients' medication lists grow longer at a worrying rate. I saw more and more people become sicker and unhealthier.

This was mind-boggling, so I started researching. I consumed health-related literature, research papers, and blogs. Unfortunately, none provided the answer I needed.

Then, I read an eye-opening quote from Hippocrates that said:
"Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food."

The Turning Point

Becoming a mom was the most fulfilling and rewarding experience. I fed my children right from an early age and made everything from scratch. When they became school age, with life's hustle and bustle, I thought school meals were fine, and I was okay with my children eating packaged meals. My work drained me so much that I was too tired and busy to prepare and cook. 

Suddenly, I remembered the patients back at the hospital. My thoughts raced and grabbed me by the lapels. I needed to make changes and take charge of my family's well-being.

The fact is, obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and other cardiovascular diseases are plaguing children as early as 6. The numbers are growing at a breakneck pace.

No mom wants to see a child sick and suffering. So I had to shift my mindset from the current state of health care "a-pill-for-each-ill" to one that connects my children to sustainable living.

I decided to begin with my children's favorite-the American staple-Pizza. Pizza can be a healthy meal choice if it is thoughtfully prepared.

Shifting my three children's beliefs is a work in progress, and I press on. As we all know, change is hard. 

I am teaching them about lifestyle choices that drop the word "diet" from their vocabulary. Today, my children and I are constantly laying the foundation for healthy living by ensuring the food they love is made with more nutritious ingredients. Their grit and dedication to this lifestyle are just genuinely inspiring.

As Bill Phillips put it, we should: "Focus on progress, not perfection."

The truth is, if we could support other moms to achieve this, then there wouldn't be the need for children who become adults to "diet." Instead, they will only need to live well.

Going Digital

In a time where food shows up at our door with a few taps, ordering online has become our go-to response for our lack of time. Hear me out. I have nothing against that.

What do we really value?

Time, convenience, economic gain?

Again, those are valid answers.

But what if we flipped the script?

What if we looked at it from a long-term perspective?

What happens if we evaluate what goes inside our bodies?

What kind of results would we get?

Would we live close to a hundred? Would our lives be better?

Probably. There's more to that than meets the eye. After hearing dozens of stories and speaking with time-strapped moms, they yearn for one thing:

To have strong and healthy children...
… and achieve it by preparing home-cooked meals, rather than relying on takeout.

And that's how one of the greenerHomes' tenets came to life.

What We Hold On To

Our mantra is simple: Create eco-friendly home and kitchen products that align with your pursuit of a sustainable lifestyle. Are you searching for low-carbon-footprint products for home use? greenerHome may help you live that out.

We are here to inspire busy moms to create a home that leads to a strong, resilient, and happy family. Our brand philosophy is to champion sustainability through natural living, promote healthy food choices, and use eco-friendly products.

Armed with this mindset, we can teach our children about living a healthy lifestyle and leaving the planet better for the next generation.

Our vision is to form partnerships with schools and communities to turn food insecure homes into food-secure homes and help children reach their full potential. In the United States, more than 22 million children only meal come from school lunches, and many go without food during the summer when schools are out.

Why We're Doing This?

Growing up, I experienced hunger firsthand. I would often go to bed hungry and hopeless. Then I would wake up feeling the hunger pangs. It was one of the darkest times of my life.

But that grim experience ignited a desire in my heart. For as long as I can sustain, I vowed that my family or someone in my circle of influence would never experience what I went through.

The pain of going hungry stops with me, come hell or high water.

The Next Stop

Now, this comes off as a bold claim. But with your help, we can fight and end hunger for the 22 million children in America who live in food-insecure homes.
Through our program BUY A PEEL, GIVE A MEAL™,

Through BUY A PEEL, GIVE A MEAL™, a portion of our sales are given directly to partner organizations across America... Working with lean and mobile charities helps reach recipients faster. Find out how you can help at greenerhom.com.

There is hope in all this, and it is my privilege that you and your family enjoy a healthier life and make a world of difference one small step at a time. Live Green, Live Well!

CEO & Founder
Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it - Charles R. Swindoll