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About Us

We were established for the working mom who wants to remove harmful toxic products from her home and care for her family in an ecocentric way. We empower working moms who struggle to balance work and raise a family. Not only does she work hard to put healthy food on the table, but she struggles with guilt and fears of “not doing enough” for her family because of career demands.

The “picture-perfect families” she meets in her daily life exacerbates her thought of self-doubt. In the midst of it all, it is essential to her that she can care for her family in a home with strong family connections that is nurturing, healthy, and friendly to mother earth.


is an earth-friendly, elegantly designed, Home & Kitchen Brand for working moms who want sustainable, high-quality products. When the working mom buys our products, she can confidently keep her family nurtured and provide the healthy living she desires for them to grow and thrive even when she is away from home. 

We are working moms who believe in nurturing and healthy homes that not only create happy families and stronger bonds but one that is sustainable and eco-friendly. We empower our working moms by making high-quality sustainable kitchen essentials and housewares that help them live green while maintaining a work-life balance. We will not be able to live with ourselves if our products do not provide the quality you need. greenerHome was created to alleviate some of the guilt of not doing enough for our families and to teach our children about sustainability and clean living to help them understand how healthy living connects to mother earth. We promise to create quality non-toxic home and kitchen products at affordable prices that promote green living and support joyful living to reduce our carbon footprint on the earth.

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